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Griffin has viewed the pictures and claims you could Plainly see “big, white objects” consistent with debris from “an plane hitting the ocean and breaking up into sections”.

I see it’s the only real sensible way to go, Doing work within out of your seventh arc based on your info and assumptions.

Your spoofing state of affairs only performs In case the AES compensates for each of the effects that I mentioned. That is certainly why I requested the issue just how I did. When the satellite is precisely over the equator, just the movement with the satellite has an effect on the BFO, which implies that only The placement from the plane relative to your satellite issues, not the observe or velocity on the plane.

My opinions have nothing to complete with anything at all I've read Specially the bogus short article Together with the closing date.

Seabed Constructor will research the seabed with 6 unmanned, untethered submarine-like search cars that will deal with a merged 1,200 sq km of sea flooring on a daily basis and travel to your depth of 6km.

And Seabed Constructor will probably cross the south Section of the SIO exactly where debris is usually anticipated to (have) vacation(led) on their own way back again in direction of Australia or caught up in gyres.

The interest of Malaysia, for a governing administration, or as a country, would to my intellect be to make up for reputational harm arising within the incident, including her response foreign relations, and its much less-than-excellent administration (some could speculate that was The full stage of the disappearance). For the government it might secure an election gain.

I under no circumstances explained the APU approaching line would proper the roll. I mentioned the APU approaching line would proper “the asymmetry introduced via the RAT”.

Completely concur. I'd set the chance of acquiring the aircraft with that approach at 70%+. For many purpose I nonetheless worry about the precision from the arc spot.

Selecting the great software package or system may be an indomitable challenge. Making use helpful hints of this transportation/TMS RFP will simplify the task of creating a databases of probably partners, making your knowledge foundation, and getting ready your Request for Proposal checklist.

Above really should examine 160m 1 sigma (accounting for the 4 passes at ~500km Each and every). Same conclusion relative to worry.

During the context of The entire flight and what we understand about it now, a certain waypoint similar to this is much more sensible imo.

I desire to withdraw a comment I designed yesterday re the study, especially “This flight route does not likely fit.”

I believe this situation (identified yesterday by @Gysbreght on JW-web site) could flip out to issue quite a bit In case the plane not will get discovered near the seventh arc.

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